Francesco Giuseppe Biafora

A creative man of many amazing talents, a musician; he could play the guitar and piano, both self taught; a voice, original, strong and unforgettable and compared to some of the best.
His music career was successful. In the 80's the band performed a written and composed song in Toronto and won second place.
The band travelled to perform in Toronto, Michigan, West Virginia, Florida and California for festivals, concerts, banquets, fundraisers and weddings into the late 90's.
In the late 90’s he ventured on his own as a One Man Band.  He played in many restaurants, banquets and festivals and Las Vegas.
Name Play Size Duration
3.6 MB 3:55 min
Andamento Lento
3.5 MB 3:52 min
4.4 MB 4:52 min
5.6 MB 6:04 min
IL Mistero dell Amore
4 MB 4:23 min
Li Italiano
3.9 MB 4:13 min
3.9 MB 4:19 min
Piccolo Grande Amore
4.8 MB 5:15 min
5.8 MB 6:21 min
Tanta Voglia Di Lei
4.7 MB 5:08 min
4.6 MB 5:02 min